Texas Youth Club Earns Gold Level Status in USA Football Program

By Jacob Letourneau | Posted 12/15/2021

The Sugar Land Cowboys, located in Sugar Land, Texas have earned Gold Level status through USA Football’s League Excellence Program for the 2021 season.  

USA Football’s League Excellence Program is a system by which youth football organizations can earn recognition for their commitment to raise operational standards and provide a great environment for athletes and their families. 

The club recently celebrated its 50th season this past year and in that time has provided high quality youth football for the kids in their community. Led by first year Club President Jeff Edwards, the Cowboys have set a high bar for both player safety and development. Edwards’s tenure dates to 2005 with the Cowboys, working as a volunteer for over 15 years before becoming Club President. 

“I came here in 2005, and I had never lived in Sugar Land. But the community has been great and has always supported us.” Edwards said. 

The club has over 140 kids within their program between football and cheer. The club has kids ages 5-12 engaging in multiple game types. 

Sugar Land Cowboys
Pictured: Sugar Land Cowboys

Participation isn’t the only priority for the Cowboys, however. 

“When it comes to player safety and development, we make sure that we are following platforms that are reliable.” Edwards added. “Having sources like USA Football really helps us to be sure that our kids are safe and progressing properly.”

The Sugar Land community has also been a great tool for the club. “Our community has been nothing but supportive and it means a lot to our kids.” Edwards said. 

During this past season the Cowboys hosted a celebration, marking their 50th season of youth football.

 “Being able to see those people that helped create what we have today was amazing.” Edwards added. “What we do is provide organized football for kids that need it. I’m proud of the community we have and how we embrace football.” 

In addition to the community, the Sugar Land Cowboys also take great pride in the diversity of their program. “We are one of the most diverse teams, bringing together kids from different backgrounds, and we take great pride in that because we are united under the sport of Football.” Edwards said. 


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