USA Football virtual engagements connect with league leaders and coaches

By Samuel Teets | Posted 2/24/2022

USA Football is hosting nearly 20 opportunities in 2022 for league commissioners and coaches to attend virtual seminars. 

A member of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee, USA Football empowers and huddles with youth league leaders to help advance league operations and athlete experiences through an exciting and ambitious virtual engagement calendar. 

Virtual engagements unite youth league leaders across the country to raise the standards of play, safety, and education. The focus topics include introducing leagues to USA Football’s tools, the Football Development Model, organizing practices, financial planning, and more. 

“I felt the seminar I attended was very beneficial for brand new league leaders,” said David Greenlaw, Safety Director and a member of the Board of Directors for Cedar Park Football in Bothell, Wash. 

Commissioners and coaches can access the seminars by enrolling with USA Football and checking their emails for the latest invitations. 

Some presentations focus on helping new league leaders get acquainted with the benefits and tools they gain by enrolling.  Other webinars focus on how experienced league leaders can take the next step to ensure fun and safe environments for their athletes and families. 

“I thought the engagement opportunities were very helpful, especially because this is my first year as football commissioner,” said Central Youth Football Panthers Commissioner Bryan Best. “I felt every piece of information provided was significant and helped build my knowledge about what USA Football has to offer, how I can take advantage of those opportunities, and how USA Football can help us as a youth program.” 

Best attended several webinars live, watched others through the links he received to recorded versions, and distributed them to other members of his organization.

“I forward all of the webinars to my board members. Whether they’re on the fundraising committee, in sponsorships, my co-football commissioner, or even the president, I forward them out for everybody to watch. I feel that no matter what position you’re in, it’s very beneficial to see what USA Football can do to help support our youth football program.”

Attendees leave questions for USA Football’s presenters, who respond throughout the webinar. USA Football hopes these virtual engagement opportunities help leagues better understand how to take advantage of the benefits they receive with enrollment.

“I found the Q&A at the bottom of the screen that you could do during the actual seminar helpful,” said Greenlaw. “I was surprised to get a response right away.”

USA Football is a year-round partner with enrolled leagues. The expanded virtual calendar allows the non-profit organization to further serve commissioners and coaches throughout the year and offer more advice or support when necessary. 

“I’m new to this whole experience, but the sessions have kept me engaged, and every time something comes through my inbox about watching a webinar I join right away. There’s no hesitation,” said Best. “They’ve been very helpful, and I appreciate everything USA Football has done so far.” 

Some educational virtual engagements will be discussion-based, allowing coaches and league leaders to directly interact with each other and USA Football personnel. 

The virtual engagement calendar kicked off with three events in January. League leaders nationwide can join these calls by going to USA Football’s website and enrolling their organizations for free.



Whether your organization is full-contact, non-contact or offers a progression of game types, enrolling with USA Football gives you access to operational resources, from in-depth guides to communication tools to enhanced coach education and certifications.