USA Football membership program offers benefits for all

By Natasha Malone | Posted 2/16/2023

USA Football is continuing to take steps in its quest to elevate the game at the youth and national levels with the launch of its premier membership program. Membership with USA Football presents coaches, leagues and athletes with a chance to take their love for the game to a brand-new level with a combination of exclusive opportunities, tools and resources.  

As a member of USA Football, you will be making an immense impact in an abundance of areas such as the long-term protection and development of young aspiring athletes, identification and break down of playing barriers for athletes and the support of Olympic aspirations for all.  

“Membership is the newest program that USA Football is offering to impact the game of football,” Hannah Meyer, Senior Manager of Memberships & Affiliation said. “It’s an opportunity for coaches, commissioners, athletes and football families to come together and really be a whole community. This is about more than just what USA Football is providing to them, it’s about everyone being a part of something bigger than just their local football club and league.” 

USA Football is offering a variety of membership options that will resonate with your needs. Whether you are a coach, commissioner or athlete, you’re going to be provided with exclusive opportunities to better your game.  

“Members are going to see an immediate benefit in many areas,” Meyer said. “USA Football’s online platform, Community, is a place for coaches to connect with one another and have good conversations. It also serves as a resource. There are videos, links and different connection points for coaches to access. So, it serves as a single dedicated place they can go for immediate access to resources and connections to help them better their game and the sport in general.” 

For athletes, membership will provide access to things such as the U.S. National Team and year-round accident insurance. Membership will also unlock access to member only tournaments and events for flag and tackle football.  

Organizations may choose to require USA Football Membership to be able to lead, coach or play in their program.