USA Football connects with community through educational webinars

By Natasha Malone | Posted 5/5/2023

USA Football is hosting several more education-based virtual engagements this year for league administrators, coaches, parents and players.  

As the sport’s U.S. governing body, USA Football strives to strengthen and grow the game by connecting with grassroots leaders and organizations through a variety of virtual education webinars.  

Virtual engagements provide stakeholders with an in-depth look at all the services USA Football has to offer as well as training and perspective on various football related topics. The remaining topics in this year’s webinars include Parents, Health and Safety, Coaching Flag and Coaching Girls. 

“Anytime anyone gets involved with USA Football, they’re going to walk away with a smile on their face and their organization is going to be in a better place than it was before,” said Indy Youth Sports Safety Coordinator Henry Jordan, who attended several webinars in 2023 and has a long-standing relationship with USA Football. “You’re never too experienced or good to sit down, listen and take notes. There is always going to be something more to learn about. You’re never too old or young to learn something new.” 

USA Football has already hosted many virtual events this year, including “Quarterbacking Your League,” which focused on organization and structure, management of finances, parent and community communication and involvement. It provided league leaders with education on how to go about these topics as well as what resources USA Football offers that can assist them.  

Additionally, USA Football put on the “Leading Inclusion: Girls and Women in Football” webinar, which aimed to make football more accessible, engaging and inclusive for girls and women by breaking down barriers.  

“Of course, I would suggest people attend,” said Jordan. “I think everyone would benefit from what USA Football is putting together. I love being a part of making sure that our children are safe.” 

Advertising and marketing for each virtual engagement starts online two weeks prior to the event on either social media or USA Football Community. Those who register will receive an email with the login link for the event via Zoom.  Interested individuals can review USA Football’s full schedule of webinars at 

Those who attend USA Football’s webinars have an opportunity to ask questions throughout the seminar. USA Football hopes to make these webinars as informational and beneficial as possible for those who attend. Each virtual engagement will stay live on the USA Football website for 30 days after the event takes place, so individuals who miss live events can go back and watch it at their convenience. Individuals who attended the live event are welcome to rewatch the webinar.  

At the end of those 30 days, the recordings are permanently moved and housed in the Virtual Engagement Library on the USA Football Community tab, making it only accessible for USA Football members. All Webinars are free to attend and there is no limit on the number of attendees.