College football coaches say parents shouldn't pay for recruiting services

By Joe Frollo | Posted 4/2/2018

Parents spend millions of dollars each year in the ultimate quest for an athletic college scholarship for their child. One area they shouldn't dish out cash for are paid recruiting services.

Penn State coach James Franklin and Eastern Michigan's Chris Creighton are among the many college coaches who say parents only throw money away by paying such companies for their product.

“They go right in the trash,” Franklin said.

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The coaches say the only services they trust are ones they vet and pay for. As has been the case for decades, simply putting together a strong highlight tape serves high school athletes best.

“I guarantee we are all watching film, and everybody has got film, so you don’t have to go through an outside agency for us to see the film,” Creighton said. “They don’t do stars for what kind of teammate he is, they don’t do stars for what’s two inches under the left side of his chest.

“Play football, be a great teammate and you’re gonna have film.”

Watch the video below with Franklin, Creighton and former Arkansas coach Bret Bielema to see their entire discussion:

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This is an updated version of a blog that originally published June 15, 2015.