12 Podcasts of Christmas: Scott Peters, Save the Game (12/21/17)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/21/2017


Photo via The Eichholz Law Firm

My interaction with Scott Peters began in December of 2015 as I was writing an article on how coaches were making the game safer than ever. My research led me to Scott’s website. I left an email and he quickly called me back. I had not realized that I had been using some of his techniques since 2012. My offensive line coach had been bringing those back from Jim McNally’s annual C.O.O.L. Clinic. We talked for over an hour about how he had systematized the teaching of contact in all phases of the game, both on the line of scrimmage and in space on both sides of the ball.

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The podcast really was a reiteration of that and subsequent conversations. Scott has a new and fresh look at the game. It’s a philosophy in which the game can remain physical and tough with all aspects of contact executed in a superior way while removing the head as a tool for contact.

Scott shares ideas on drill selection, addresses some of the concerns of the game, and provides a table full of food for thought on how we can coach the game more effectively.

I really enjoyed this conversation and it resulted in a partnership with Scott Peters and USA Football. More to come on that very soon!

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