Why I choose to send my football player to a U.S. National Team Regional

By USA Football | Posted 2/8/2018

USA Football is hosting 24 Regionals for athletes across the nation to try out for the U.S. National Team.

The program provides athletes in grades six through 12 the opportunity to further develop on and off the field, while being evaluated for U.S. National Team eligibility.

For parents, deciding which camp their child attends can be a difficult decision. Factors such as cost, quality of instruction and level of competition come into question.

Milton and Michelle Bugg from Phoenix have seen their three sons, Tre, Mason and Matteo, participate in Regionals, International Bowls and other international tournaments through USA Football. They believe the experience their sons have gained during their involvement with USA Football has been invaluable.

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Here are some of the reasons why the Buggs recommend USA Football events:

  • There is a commitment to developing a complete athlete, on and off the field 
  • USA Football fits our family’s values
  • A unique opportunity to represent the United States 
  • Bang for your buck; affordable
  • Quality of instruction is off the charts; great high school and college coaches
  • “When I turn my son over to USA Football coaches, I know they are going to be treated as young men and held accountable.”


“As a dad, all I want is the best for my kids. I want to provide them with the opportunity to reach for the stars and their dreams,” Milton Bugg said. “USA Football gives them the best opportunity to reach those dreams. It’s quality instruction, reasonably priced and allows our kids to be involved with high quality people.”

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Those dreams start at Regionals, where athletes are put to the test against the top competition in their region. Regionals feature individual drills, 1-on-1 training and some 7-on-7 work. 

Athletes are evaluated and selected, based on their on-field abilities, character and coachability, to represent their age bracket on a U.S. National Team for the International Bowl, which takes place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

One of those athletes that took the field wearing red, white and blue in the 2017 International Bowl was Hall Edmonds of Colorado. His father, Joey Edmonds, couldn’t believe how much the program benefitted his son.

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“It was a great experience the whole way through,” Edmonds said of his son’s journey. “I really can’t say enough what it means to us for him to have that experience.”

Here are the reasons Joey Edmonds singled out for why he decided that attending Regionals was the right fit for his son:

  • Regionals feature the newest, most efficient techniques
  • Network of other USA Football families
  • Relationships and friendships built are real, for athletes and parents
  • USA Football’s dedication to striving for a safer game
  • Exposure to different coaches teaches athletes how to adapt and provides a great wealth of information


For more information on USA Football’s Regionals, follow this link: www.usafootball.com/regionals 

This is an updated version of a blog that originally published March 2, 2017.