USA Football 2-Minute Drill with Shadowman Sports: Wide receiver drills

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 3/16/2018

All football positions can benefit from well-conceived non-contact drills that hone in on the fundamentals key to success. Shadowman Sports makes this possible with a wide array of training tools.

This session, led by USA Football Senior Manager of Education and Training Andy Ryland, displays two drills that utilize three pieces of Shadowman equipment, to teach wide receivers how to make difficult catches when the pressure is on. 

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1. Distraction Drill, with ShadowBlock & ShadowDrive

Here, while the coach throws the ball, the ShadowBlock is tossed between two players to mimic on-field traffic, so the receiver has to focus with late reaction time. The wideout then absorbs contact from the ShadowDrive after the catch is made.


2. Pro Catch, with Shadowman Pro

This drill is designed to increase focus on the catch. The receiver sets up behind the Shadowman Pro, with arms extended to the front. The ball is thrown as they look around the dummy.


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