[PODCAST] Amherst (Wisconsin) High School coach Mark Lusic talks option offense

By Nick Caputo | Posted 3/21/2018

(Photo via stevenspointjournal.com)

Today’s guest on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Mark Lusic, head coach at Amherst High School (Wisconsin). When Coach Lusic took over the program in 2010, Amherst had never been to a playoff game. With Lusic’s help, Amherst now has four state titles and has won the last three in a row. On today’s episode, Lusic and host Keith Grabowski talk about getting players to buy in and the option offense.  

Show Notes

  • 1:46        Coach Lusic’s background
  • 4:36       Getting players to buy in
  • 7:05       Getting buy-in from the athletic department
  • 10:45     Culture at Amherst
  • 12:54     Getting players to stay in the program
  • 15:04     Managing playing time
  • 17:40      Installing the option offense
  • 20:46     Defense Amherst runs
  • 22:40     Keeping a consistent staff
  • 26:30     The winning edge

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