[PODCAST] What West Florida coach Pete Shinnick seeks in players, and how he creates team unity

By Nick Caputo | Posted 3/27/2018

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Today’s guest on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Pete Shinnick, head coach at the University of West Florida. 2016 was the first season for the West Florida football program and the Argonauts compiled a 5-6 record, marking the most wins by a first year NCAA Division II program in over a decade. The following year, Shinnick led West Florida to play in the D-II National Championship. Shinnick has been awarded the 2017 AFCA Coach of the Year, the 2017 D2Football.com National Coach of the Year, and the AFCA Region 2 Coach of the year. On today’s episode, Shinnick and host Keith Grabowski talk about what he looks for in a player and creating unity among players and the coaching staff.

Show Notes

  • 1:31        Starting a football program
  • 4:38       Shinnick’s background
  • 8:24       Lessons Shinnick has learned throughout his career
  • 11:10      Teaching players off the field
  • 15:23     “Flip coaching”
  • 18:21     What Shinnick seeks in players
  • 23:36     Pillars of West Florida’s culture
  • 26:39     Creating unity among coaches and players
  • 30:45     Translating culture to the field
  • 35:40     Offense at West Florida
  • 41:18     RPOs
  • 42:26     Gap scheme
  • 47:28     The winning edge

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