[PODCAST] Dan Gonzalez, offensive systems consultant, talks offseason preparations

By Nick Caputo | Posted 4/3/2018

Today’s guest on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Dan Gonzalez, offensive systems consultant. Gonzalez played football for four years at University of Texas and lettered as a wide receiver on the 1994 Southwest Conference championship team. Gonzalez also coached on the college level from 1995 through 2005. On today’s episode, Gonzalez and host Keith Grabowski talk about offseason preparations and how to translate those ideas to the practice field.

Show Notes 

  • 2:06       “Hit list” and “ready list”
  • 3:50       Process of making a “hit list” and “ready list”
  • 7:36       What questions to focus on when studying during the offseason 
  • 11:28     Where Gonzalez gets his resources that he studies 
  • 17:26     Coaches and teams that Gonzalez studies
  • 22:03     How to know when you have enough answers 
  • 26:10     “The answer is something you already do”
  • 29:01     How much time Gonzalez spends studying technique

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