Georgetown University assistant Adam Neugebauer: How the National Team experience helped me as a coach

By Katelyn Lemen | Posted 4/12/2018

Georgetown University quarterbacks coach Adam Neugebauer poses with the Hoyas' QBs before the 2017 season. (Photo via @neugs1288)

Adam Neugebauer coached the 2018 U-19 Select Team at the International Bowl. He’s also the Georgetown University quarterbacks coach. He believes his experiences with USA Football have helped him become a better coach and improve in the offseason.

“It gave me a new vision of coaching,” Neugebauer said. “Being at (AT&T) Stadium and being around coaches who are great teachers of the game and having talented players taught me a way of coaching that no other program can. I’ve been able to carry over the things I learned as a National Team coach to my players at Georgetown and vice versa.”

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The U.S. National Team experience gave Neugebauer an opportunity to be a head coach and learn invaluable lessons.

“You can’t listen to presentations to prepare yourself to be a head coach,” Neugebauer said. “USA Football is the real deal in preparing coaches to make the leap into head coaching roles. They give you the opportunity to be in head coaching positions and learn by getting thrown in to do it.”

His favorite memory with the National Team came this past January with the U-19 Select team.

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“It was extremely cold, very windy and snowy. We were the only team practicing at the park,” he recalls. “None of the players complained and we got a lot of good work done. It showed grit and brought out our true colors as a team.”

In addition to all of the intangibles, Neugebauer and the U-19 Select Team succeeded on the field, too. The squad defeated Team Nordic 48-13 on Jan. 12.

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