10 signs you're probably married to a football coach

By Vanessa Mejia | Posted 5/3/2018

1. You see your child's school binder laying on the kitchen table. As you begin to yell out, "Didn't I ask you to clean up after yourself?" You realize it isn't theirs after all — it's your husband's playbook — the one written in a language only he and his players understand!

2. Your husband's cellphone is constantly alerting him of a new text. Don't worry. He's not cheating on you, Mama. He's texting back and forth with his assistant coaches about this Saturday's game. It'll slow down at the end of the season, I promise!

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3. What?? Your husband is doing the dishes without even being asked? Nah, he's just making space in the sink to sterilize his team's water bottles.

4. You can't fit a single grocery bag in the trunk of your SUV. Duh! It's filled with footballs, shoulder pads, tackling dummies and water bottles.

5. You bought your SUV exclusively for the third row. How else can your husband transport half of the team to and from practices?

6. Your brand new SUV will smell like a portable locker room. Quick. It's OK. Nothing a little Febreeze and cracked windows can't fix. I recommend waiting until after the season ends, of course!

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7. The kids are in bed and your husband turns on the TV. Don't get too excited Mama, he's not putting on your favorite show. He's about to study film from yesterday's game. Ha!

8. You are constantly sweeping up what appears to be rodent droppings. No need to call pest control! They're just "turf turds" — you know, those little black pieces of synthetic turf.

9. Your fireplace mantel serves as not only a place for your beautifully and strategically placed pieces of décor, but for your husband's championship game runners-up trophy as well. I have to admit. I kind of like it there.

10. You suddenly become Mama to 11 more boys and you absolutely LOVE IT!!!

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Vanessa Mejia is the mother of three football-playing boys, ages 14, 12 and 9, and lives in northern Virginia. Her boys also play basketball, soccer and track and field. Her husband coaches football in the Fairfax County Youth Football League. She shares Team Mom ideas, tips and tricks along with other facets of her family’s life away from the football field. Read more of her work at https://confessionsofasportsmama.blogspot.com