How to fuel your tank as a player during the offseason

By Ashton Henderson | Posted 5/3/2018

During this offseason, it is essential to make sure you are fueling your tank with the appropriate fuel in order to maximize on future opportunities. There are four types of gas that we know of: regular unleaded, plus, premium, and diesel. Each grade can work in your car, but its vitally important to select the appropriate grade to maximize efficiency. Every day, we have the opportunity to get better and explore ways to enhance our craft. Here are three tips to help your tank stay fueled for the summer and allow practicing great habits that will propel you in your academic and athletic pursuits.

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Minimizing virtual reality

Playing video games is fine, but please do not let Madden or Fortnite consume your time because that is valuable time you could be spending working on your craft. The video games will always be there, but the opportunities and windows of success are limited.

Acquiring adequate rest

Sleep is very important, especially as your body continues to develop and grow. There is a myth that you do not need adequate rest in order to be effective within your daily training regimen. Here’s some more information regarding why sleep is vitally important to your athletic performance. 

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The cliché saying you are what you eat is very true. If you are serious about making it to the collegiate ranks, it is imperative that you are eating clean and training dirty to maximize every fiber of your body. I can vividly remember eating fast food before our high school state track and field championship 4x400-meter relay. That was a horrible decision, and it caused my teammates and I to finish seventh in the state instead of finishing within the top three like we were expected to do. If you apply these three factors to your offseason regimen, you will improve your chances of signing a National Letter of Intent in December or February. This choice is yours and the sky is the limit!

Work hard. Be great.

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Ashton Henderson was a four-year letterman at defensive back for Michigan State University as well as an honor student and co-author with former teammate Travis Key of “Beyond the Gridiron: How to successfully transition into collegiate football,” a detailed account of what it takes to be an NCAA Division I college football player and successful in life. To learn more about their mission and purchase your copy today, visit: