20 nutritious snacks for football players

By Janis Meredith | Posted 3/29/2018

These healthy options are perfect during the car ride to a game or when you're at games. They might take a little more work, and they may not be as convenient as running to the snack bar or fast-food drive-thru, but nutritious snacks are the best thing for young athletes.

And besides, good nutrition boosts performance!

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Nutritious Snacks

1. Fresh fruit, especially watermelon, cantaloupe, melons, blueberries, grapes, etc.

2. Homemade trail mix (raisins, almonds, granola, nuts, dried fruit) put into snack-size baggies

3. Carrots or celery sticks with hummus

4. Hard boiled or deviled eggs

5. Individual boxes of whole grain cereal, with or without milk

6. Popcorn

7. Nuts and sunflower seeds

8. Yogurt tubes, frozen and kept in a cooler

9. Rice cakes

10. Small bags of pre-sliced apples 

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11. Individual bags of dried cranberries

12. Tortilla rollups, made at home, with peanut butter and honey or fruit

13. Half-sandwich, made with lean meat and cheese or peanut butter and honey

14. String cheese

15. Low-sugar, healthy granola bars

16. Homemade fruit juice bars, kept frozen in cooler

17. Homemade granola 

18. Frozen banana bites

19. Individual oatmeal cups

20. No-bake oatmeal energy bites

Remember, the best drink to accompany these snacks is water. If you're looking at alternatives, read labels for real fruit options low in added sugar. 

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This is an updated version of a blog that originally published April 11, 2016.