Prep for the Season: Football equipment checklist for parents and coaches

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 5/14/2018

Whether you're a football coach or parent, don't wait until the last minute to get what you need for football season. If you purchase now, you'll already be set for the start of practice, while others scramble at the end.

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Here's what to look for, with links where to get it:

Equipment checklist for parents

Cutters football gloves

Black Cutters football gloves

With eye-catching visual designs and state-of-the-art technology, Cutters produces hand protection for optimal on-field performance. With the Rev Pro, Gamer and Force series, regardless of your football position, Cutters has you covered.

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Shock Doctor mouthguard 

Shock Doctor USA mouthguard

With its USA Flag, Black Camo, Skull and Crossbones, Fang, Money Max, Diamond Plate and team color patterns, Shock Doctor has the mouthguard to fit your style on the gridiron. Cutters' Max AirFlow design is the perfect mix of effectiveness and comfort.

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McDavid protective shirt

McDavid HEX football shirt

Perfect for quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs, the McDavid HEX Sleeveless Shirt provides additional protection for the ribs, shoulders and spine, and features hDc Moisture Technology, to keep the athlete cool and dry. McDavid also offers ankle and knee braces, athletic supporters, girdles, compression sleeves and more.

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Equipment checklist for coaches

Riddell football helmets

Riddell US National Team football helmet

From the Riddell Victor youth football helmet to the SpeedFlex helmet worn by the U.S. National Team, the company's proud history in football is rooted in the quality and dependability of its products. Once the season is done, send your helmets to Riddell for full reconditioning, so they're ready for next year. 

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Shadowman Sports equipment

Shadowman Pro

Whether it's the Shadowman Pro (above), Shadowman Junior, Shadowblock or QB Arms, with Shadowman, you can reduce player-to-player contact in practice but still run the drills necessary for improvement and proper execution on game day.

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Another effective method to train football players and trim in-practice contact, TackleTube lets athletes perfect tackling technique and timing on non-human targets. Defenders can track and tackle an in-motion tube from any angle, and increase agility in the process. 

Gilman Gear

Gilman Gear sled

Gilman Gear features an extensive selection of equipment for football drills, including sleds, dummies, shields, chutes, boards and arches, along with position-specific tools for quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers.

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