[PODCAST] Scott Peters talks about USA Football's Contact System

By Adam Wire | Posted 5/14/2018

Today’s guest on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Scott Peters, a former NFL player who originated the USA Football Contact System. Peters played for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers. After his playing career ended, he began studying Brazilian jiu jitsu and other mixed martial arts disciplines to rebuild strength and mobility in his ankle while recovering from an injury, and he continued training following his NFL career. A two-time world champion in submission grappling, Peters has combined his football and MMA knowledge to create a revolutionary program that assists players in improving performance while building blocking, tackling and block defeating fundamentals. In today’s podcast, Peters and host Keith Grabowski talk about how this system developed, how it works and more.

Show notes

  • 1:35        Peters’ background and how this system developed
  • 6:30       How the system is applicable at almost every position
  • 9:40       Why the technical aspect of blocking is so important
  • 14:00     How the name “Tip of the Spear” applies to the system
  • 18:30     Examples of how USA Football Contact System has been effective
  • 21:55      How taking the head out of the contact makes the game more physical
  • 25:50     How every part of each drill has a purpose
  • 29:30     Peters’ current training schedule

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