[PODCAST] Rutgers running backs coach Nunzio Campanile talks about the transition from high school to college coaching

By Matt Reed | Posted 5/16/2018

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The guest on today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast is Nunzio Campanile, running backs coach at Rutgers University. Campanile just took the Rutgers job, coming off an eight-year run as head coach at Bergen Catholic in Oradell, New Jersey. Campanile posted a 60-28 record as head coach of the Crusaders and finished by going 10-2 and winning a state championship in 2017.

Campanile developed one of the top offenses in the state. In its state finals victory, Bergen Catholic scored 44 points and compiled over 400 yards of total offense in a blowout win. This was a common trend throughout his head-coaching tenure. During his eight seasons, Campanile-led teams averaged 35 points per game offensively. During his tenure at Bergen Catholic, Campanile was selected by USA Football to join the coaching staff for the U.S. U-19 National Team, which competed in the International Bowl.

In the podcast, Campanile and host Keith Grabowski talk about his transition from coaching high school to college and how his experience is preparing him for the big stage at a young age.

Show Notes

  • 1:12     What brought Campanile to Rutgers
  • 2:15     How Campanile got into coaching
  • 4:00     Key factor to Campanile’s early advancement
  • 6:01     Relationships with coaches/players
  • 7:02     First days at Rutgers
  • 8:47     Transition from being head coach to position coach
  • 10:11   Tips to being a great recruiter
  • 12:50   How to create success with small market/limited resources
  • 14:55   Experience with USA Football and the U.S. National Team
  • 16:22   How Don Bosco’s offense was so dominant
  • 17:39   Key to state title run at Bergen Catholic in 2017
  • 19:24   Building a strong running back core at Rutgers
  • 20:54   Utilizing individual practice with running backs
  • 22:19   Importance in making coaching staff better
  • 23:56   The Winning Edge


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