Prep for the Season: Check out Tackle Tube football drills series

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 5/17/2019

Football teams hitting at full speed all week during practice is a thing of the past. In fact, coaches at all levels now strive to limit contact, with the implementation of football drills that teach proper technique and keep athletes fresh for game day.

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USA Football partner Tackle Tube USA is an industry leader in that revolution, with its wheel-shaped football training equipment that features a high-density foam core and durable PVC outer shell. To replace player-on-player tackling drills, coaches use Tackle Tube to promote good body position and focus on the tackle zone, in real-game simulations. It's also utilized in various offensive drills to improve agility and timing.


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Tackle Tube is used at U.S. National Team Regionals nationwide, and coaches across the globe now include it in their practice plans.

"It's just the next step," University of Washington football coach and Chris Peterson said. "It’s the next evolution of football. There’s always something that you’ve got to evolve to. For me, this is it."

Starting May 29, USA Football and Tackle Tube will team up for #TackleTubeTuesday, an 11-week video series of football practice drills to illustrate the product's versatility. Led by USA Football Education and Training Senior Manager Andy Ryland, drills include:

• Shoulder punch

• Dog tackle

Two knees

Half-kneeling drive

Mow the lawn

Leverage step and drive

Slow roll

Linebacker fill

Defensive end play 2 play away

Cornerback, safety half field

The spider

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If you want to add Tackle Tube to your practice regimen, the company offers special deals through USA Football. When you order, use the code USAFOOTBALL20 at checkout to get $20 off each tube. If you buy six or more, enter USAFOOTBALL for a $25 discount per item.

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