USA Football Contact System public clinics now available

By Adam Wire | Posted 5/30/2018

Scott Peters (left) and Mike Pollak, both former NFL offensive linemen, demonstrate the USA Football Contact System at a recent clinic.

Until recently, USA Football's Contact System in-person clinics were only available to football coaches or programs who purchased a private clinic. Now, individual coaches can take part in public clinics.

Public clinics are now available, and they offer individual coaches access to the most sophisticated system for blocking and defeating blocks at four sites nationwide.

Public clinic dates and locations include:

  • June 16 — Kansas City, Missouri (Lee's Summit High School)
  • July 14 — Cleveland (Rocky River High School)
  • July 21 — Arlington, Texas (University of Texas Arlington)
  • July 28 — Phoenix (Campo Verde High School)

Attendance is limited at the clinics, and the cost is $199 per coach. Click here to sign up.

The system teaches proper use of the hands and hips to reduce helmet contact through exceptional technique. The leverage-based, all-position system addresses posture and body movement for skill development and transformation.

Scott Peters, who originated the Contact System, has taught the system to more than 50 college and professional teams, including NCAA Division I football programs like USC, Oklahoma, Stanford, Washington, Arizona and Arizona State, and the NFL’s Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals.

Here's a look at the contact system:


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Each three-hour public clinic covers the following tenets within the contact system:

  • B.L.A.S.T. Principles of Contact
    Master advanced concepts of applied leverage to help players dominate in 1-on-1 matchups.
  • Bridge or Pillar Techniques
    Bridge techniques deflect a defender's force and redirects it. Pillar techniques teach targeted strikes to disrupt blockers by altering the angle of their spine.
  • Skill Development through Drills
    Access to C.U.F.F. sequenced drills focusing on shaping, sharpening and polishing contact techniques that teams can practice year-round.
  • Situational Q&A
    Ask questions about how the techniques apply to specific schemes.


ACCESS: Click here to access the USA Football Contact System B.L.A.S.T. video.

In each public clinic, a coach will be able to pick one side of the ball to master either the Bridge (blocking) or Pillar (defeating blocks) techniques. Attendees will get instruction for contact both on the line of scrimmage and in space.

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Here's a look at a Contact System demonstration Peters and his team showed at the USA Football 2018 National Conference in Orlando, Florida:


Here's a look at what various programs had to say about past Contact System clinics:

This Contact System is part of USA Football’s latest effort to teach smarter techniques in blocking and defeating blocks, in an effort to advance skill development and reduce helmet contact. The phrase "tip of the spear" comes from the military term, in which an initial force is used to puncture an enemy’s line of defense, followed quickly by concentrated force that destroys the threat. In this case, the hands are the "tip of the spear," followed immediately by the force of the hips to win one-on-one pre-tackle contact situations.



Arm yourself or your entire coaching staff with the most effective and sophisticated systematic approach for blocking and defeating blocks, with material for both line and skill position coaches.


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