#TackleTubeTuesday football drills: Two knees

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 6/12/2018

With its wheel-shaped football training equipment that features a high-density foam core and durable PVC outer shell, Tackle Tube lets coaches teach proper fundamentals without unnecessary player-on-player contact.

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In this third entry of an 11-part series, USA Football Education and Training Senior Manager Andy Ryland discusses the two knees drill, which he describes as an extension of the dog tackle drill, but from a modified two-point stance, where both players are on their knees and support their weight with the hips, hamstrings and glute muscles. 


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If you want to add Tackle Tube to your practice regimen, the company offers special deals through USA Football. When you order, use the code USAFOOTBALL20 at checkout to get $20 off each tube. If you buy six or more, enter USAFOOTBALL for a $25 discount per item.