Houston Texans host minicamp for Santa Fe High School football team after recent shooting

By Kailey Harmon | Posted 6/13/2018

(photo via chron.com)

The Houston Texans hosted a veteran minicamp practice for the Santa Fe High School football team on Tuesday. Texans head coach Bill O'Brien knew the camp would mean a lot to this team after a May 18 shooting at their school.

“I just want to start with, we have the Santa Fe High School football team here,” O’Brien said, “I think everybody knows, obviously, what happened in Santa Fe.”

For the Santa Fe Indians football program, what happened is hard to forget.

On May 18, Santa Fe High School, located roughly 30 miles southeast of Houston, was added to the epidemic of school shootings.

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Two teachers and eight students were killed. At least 10 others were injured.

Among the victims was Christopher Stone, 17, who played for the Indians.

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“I think when you’re the pro football team in town, I think it’s important – and I know (Texans owner) Bob McNair really believes in this — that we give back to the community,” O’Brien said in response to the Texans donating $100,000 to the Santa Fe Strong Memorial Fund.

The charity will provide grief counseling and support services to the families and members of the community who are struggling with trauma from the horrific event.

“If you look at the history of the Texans, whether it’s charitable causes throughout the city or like when things happen, like the Santa Fe shooting, I think that the Texans have always been there for the community and I think that’s something we believe in and it’s great to have those kids here today,” O’Brien said.

The high school players seemed to be in high spirits as the Texans players autographed footballs and exchanged handshakes, as seen in the videos below.

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