Oklahoma offensive coordinator Bill Bedenbaugh talks about using USA Football Contact System to develop his players

By Kailey Harmon | Posted 6/19/2018

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Bill Bedenbaugh, University of Oklahoma’s co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, recently joined host Keith Grabowski on USA Football’s Coach and Coordinator podcast. In the podcast, Bedenbaugh discusses developing his players, his expectations for freshmen, and blocking techniques he’s learned working with Scott Peters using the USA Football USA Football Contact System.

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Bedenbaugh is in his fifth season working with the Sooners' offensive line and has coached multiple players who currently play in the NFL, including Orlando Brown (Baltimore Ravens) and Daryl Williams (Carolina Panthers). Prior to his career with Oklahoma, Bedenbaugh worked with other NCAA Division I offensive lines from West Virginia, Arizona and Texas Tech. He was also named D-II Coordinator of the year when he was an offensive line coach at Ferris State (Michigan).

One of Bedenbaugh’s main points in the podcast is on developing his players. He explains how he does so with limited practice time during the season.

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“I’ve got to tread that line of getting the work in that we need to get in and making sure it’s quality work and not just quantity,” Bedenbaugh said. “There’s obviously things you’re going to have to focus on week to week and what your players need to improve on or what problems the defense is presenting you. All those things go into a practice plan, and we try to get as much quality work as we can without overloading them.”

For incoming freshmen, Bedenbaugh says his expectations for them are to focus on a day-to-day approach instead of winning a national title.

“We don’t sit there and talk about winning a national championship. It’s really about the daily grind, the everyday grind of what it takes to be a great offensive lineman. You can’t just show up for the two hours of practice and the hour and-a-half of meetings and expect to be great.” Bedenbaugh said.

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From a technique and safety perspective, Bedenbaugh says the offensive line is where players need to focus on their hands and feet, keeping the head out of the block – a focal point of Scott Peters' Contact System.

“I think it comes down to drills and you play this position and really any position with your hands and your feet. Everything with me is leading with the hands, playing with long arms, keeping your helmet out of the game, your hips are coming through on the blocks,” Bedenbaugh said. “You’ve heard that from Scott numerous times.”

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