[PODCAST] St. Charles North (Illinois) High School coach Robert Pomazak talks about using friendly competition to motivate players

By Matt Reed | Posted 7/13/2018

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The guest on today’s USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Robert Pomazak, head coach at St. Charles North High School (Illinois). Pomazak is entering his fifth season as the head coach at St. Charles. While at St. Charles, Pomazak has amassed a 33-10 record with every season eclipsing the seven-win mark. This also includes four straight trips to the state playoffs. Last season, Pomazak led St. Charles to a 9-2 record and a 6-0 record in conference play.

Prior to coming to St. Charles, Pomazak spent 10 seasons at Elk Gove High School (Illinois), including the last two years as the defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. He also was a baseball coach while at Elk Grove. Before coaching, Pomazak played football and baseball in high school and college. He graduated from Rolling Meadows High School and continued his education to Iowa State and North Central College. Pomazak played baseball at Iowa State and finished his bachelor’s degree at North Central College (Naperville, Illinois).

On today’s podcast, Pomazak and host Keith Grabowski talk about bringing fun to camp and using friendly competition to motivate players.

Here's a look at how Pomazak and his staff conduct a player draft during the preseason.

preseason draft

Show Notes

  • 2:12     Bringing fun into preseason camp
  • 4:16     Creating competition within practice
  • 9:10     Using a player draft to see the value of fellow teammates
  • 11:19   Drafting a coach with their practice platoon
  • 13:04   Finding the best size for the platoon at practice
  • 15:20   Having set outcomes at the end of every week
  • 17:47   Getting scorekeeping form out to the players
  • 19:58   Best fun activities to use during camp
  • 27:15   Creating fun organically to motivate the players
  • 31:14   Managing playing music at practice
  • 32:58   Extending the football program to different parts of the school
  • 35:19   Rewarding players for selfless acts in the community
  • 38:04   Tip for interjecting fun into camp


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