[PODCAST] Lakeland University (Wisconsin) offensive coordinator Eric Treske discusses how to achieve balance as a coach and parent

By Matt Reed | Posted 7/30/2018

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Today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast continues it “Home Team” series with guest host Joel Nellis, joined by Eric Treske, offensive coordinator at Lakeland University (Wisconsin). Treske enters his third season as the Muskies' OC, in his second stint at the school. Treske also serves as quarterbacks coach and strength and conditioning coordinator. Last season, Lakeland finished in the top 10 in NCAA Division III in yards per game, first downs and scoring offense. 

Before Lakeland, Treske spent two seasons at his alma mater, Wisconsin Lutheran College, as wide receivers coach and special teams coordinator. He made his first stop in Lakeland as a wide receivers graduate assistant from 2011-13. After playing four years as a wideout at Wisconsin Lutheran, Treske stayed with the team as an assistant. He also coached at Cedarburg High School (Wisconsin) and played two years in the Continental Indoor Football League. 

On today's show, Treske discusses his combination of job titles, and how he manages coaching while raising his son.

Show Notes

  • 3:20     About Treske’s son Caiden
  • 4:45     What about his son makes him proud
  • 5:49     The unique situation of his family dynamic
  • 7:28     Managing football while raising a child
  • 9:49     Balancing time between being a dad and coach
  • 11:20   Collaborating with his family in job changes
  • 12:22   Including his son in the decision-making process of a new job
  • 14:41   Dealing with distance in wanting to make time for his son
  • 16:19   Making coaches’ kids a part of the football program
  • 19:26   His son’s involvement in helping him coach the team
  • 22:14   Being efficient and not spending too much time in the office
  • 25:24   Overcoming struggles in his career
  • 27:02   Setting an example as a father to his players
  • 30:27   Legacy he wants to have for his family through coaching

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