[PODCAST] Founder of Janssen Sports Leadership Center Jeff Janssen talks about importance of player leadership

By Matt Reed | Posted 8/3/2018

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The guest on today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast is Jeff Janssen, expert in sports leadership and founder/president of Janssen Sports Leadership Center. Janssen first worked in sports leadership when he launched his leadership academies more than a decade ago. He works with coaches and student-athletes alike, and is seen as a pioneer in sports leadership development. With the Sports Leadership Academy, Janssen works with high school and college football programs across the country, including Michigan, LSU, Baylor, South Carolina and more. Janssen has written several books on coaching and sports leadership.

On today’s podcast, Janssen and host Keith Grabowski discuss vocal leadership and the importance of players stepping up as leaders.

Show Notes
•    2:30     Differences between leader by example and vocal leaders
•    4:50     Tips on encouraging players while pointing out mistakes
•    7:04     Advising teammates on how to help their teammates
•    11:00   Suggestions on when players don’t meet team standards
•    15:54    Installing team guidelines early in the season
•    20:05   Getting players to buy into the team’s culture
•    22:18    Ways of holding players accountable

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