[PODCAST] CEO of Focus 3 Brian Kight talks about training players to overcome adversity

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 8/21/2018

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Brian Kight and Keith Grabowski team up for this special Leadership Journey edition of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast. This podcast will occur weekly throughout the season, focusing on issues that teams encounter. Today Brian and Keith discuss training players and staff to have a bigger, better “R” to tackle the adversity they may face this fall.

Show Notes

1:45      Week 1 focus – preparing our players to face adversity

2:50      Quote from Rich Bartel, former NFL QB

3:57      It’s every competitor’s destiny to lose

5:10      Loss occupies a gigantic place of fear in our minds

6:30      Embrace losing – develop a mindset that handles it

7:40      The best players are competitors

9:10      Find people who want to compete

9:32      Are we training the consequences of failure into a mindset?

11:40    Balance the consequences that drive the avoidance of failure

12:30    E+R=O; you can’t engineer outcomes, you must win the moment

13:13    Kyle Shanahan – sometimes you have to overcome coaching

15:00    Training to respond to adversity with a bigger “R”

18:00    Emphasize “build the skill,” not just “win the drill”

20:00    Patience, skill and discipline are required by each coach

23:15    The time for command and control coaching is over

24:28    Command and control coaching eventually leads to compliance and defiance

26:25    Film evaluation session – how to think about and create a culture for learning

29:16    Understand an athlete’s thinking to help improve performance

31:01    Pay attention to athlete needs and help put it all together

32:20    Nebraska Defensive Coordinator Erik Chinander’s approach to film

33:28    Be surgical in your approach

34:05    Understanding, explanation, execution – a process for evaluating performance

38:56    Give players a space for mental repetition

39:31    Ideas for preparing team/unit for a better “R”

43:02    Train for scenarios you are likely to experience

46:30    The mission for the year


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