7 questions parents should ask themselves when their kids play sports

By Janis Meredith | Posted 8/22/2018

As a parenting coach, I ask parents a lot of questions and sometimes that habit often spills over into my parenting. I’ve also learned to ask myself questions because I know that challenging myself will help me be a better parent, coach, writer, and wife.

Parents, how are you with asking yourself questions? With challenging your own thinking?

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I’d like to suggest that you start asking yourself more questions, because that’s how you’re going to be a better sports parent, and how you’re going to be a bigger support to your child. For starters, here’s some questions that you should be asking yourself as you watch your child play sports.

1. What motivates me to sacrifice so much so that my child can play sports?

2. When my child is struggling, what is it that they need to learn from that situation and what’s the best way for me to help them learn it?

3. Why do I get so frustrated with the coach and what’s the best way for me to handle that frustration so that my child is helped, not hindered from doing their best?

4. What do I expect out of this new season? Out of my child? Out of my child’s coach?

5. Ten years down the road, what do I want my child to always remember and value from their youth sports experience?

6. What does my child want from me in the way of support? (You may have to ask your child to get this answered).

7. What is one thing I can do to help my child get closer to reaching their potential this season?

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Self-reflection is something that many parents neglect because they are too busy with parenting duties and jobs. But a few minutes of asking yourself some hard questions is well worth it. As you honestly answer these questions, you will gain insight into how you can be the parent your athlete truly needs.

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