[PODCAST] Andy Ryland and Keith Grabowski talk about creating a game ready player through "vision-decision-action" cycle

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 8/21/2018



Deliberate Practice with co-host Andy Ryland is a weekly podcast series which will run throughout the season. Activity does not always equal achievement. Deliberate Practice is focused on a specific topic for the week and then an explanation of how to drill the different aspects of those skills and schemes. Included in each week’s conversation are specific drills/practice considerations for offense, defense, and special teams. 

Dial it in - getting your players ready for game one

This week is focused on dialing in on your team’s strengths and solidifying them through proper practice set-up and drilling all the scenarios players will face over the course of the season. Grabowski and Ryland discuss how adding vision, decision and action cycle to basic drills helps create a game ready player.


4:49 Don’t get seduced by the logo on the helmet

6:20 Think about it from the players perspective


Offense example - Get more than routes on air

6:45 Adding more to routes on air

8:32 components needed for more game like practice and develop windows and timing

9:45 layering in the details in a progression

10:50 hard shoulder/soft shoulder terminology

13:25 install one decision at a time

13:59 adding a level three decision

15:30 the progression for adding to routes on air

16:35 having the drill reflect weekly needs and cumulative reps

17:09 brevity code; communicating meaning with a word or phrase

17:33 language particular to the four vertical example

20:00 translation from the line on paper to the on field intricacies


Defense example - the gaps will move

21:02 Vision, decision, action from the defensive side:  stats and blitzes vs. trashcans

21:33 Good for knowledge check but not in the dynamics of play

22:00 Example - the wide zone run fits with moving gaps

23:30 A linebacker that must stay in phase to stay connected to the gap

24:18 Example- moving gaps with pin and pull

25:43 Example - block defeat with a stunting tackle and variations

27:20 Structuring pre practice to prepare for live vision, decision, action

28:20 Mixing in looks to keep player honest and develop well rounded skills

29:00 Using Go Army Edge for vision, decision, action for more reps

30:12 Decisions on how much we can get ready for week one - dialing it in

31:00 Brevity code and coaching points for defense


Special teams example - accounting for bigger lanes

34:00 Handling special teams like other schemes on offense and defense

36:22 VDA on punt return scenario - cover man gets picked off

37:55 Creating the scenario of dealing with an extra cover lane space

39:32 Lean the lane coaching point

40:50 Self discovery process for the player

42:05 Brevity code/coaching points for this drill 

43:15 Staying connected to teammates

44:10 Getting more out of our drills and building progressions

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