10 things parents want their child to feel after a game

By Janis Meredith | Posted 8/29/2018

Win or lose, how do you want your child to feel after each game?

I recently surveyed sports parents in my Facebook Group, Raising Champions Parenting Group, and these are the top 10 things they said:

1. I hope he had fun and felt the time and effort were worthwhile.

2. I hope that she learned something about herself.

3. I hope that he learned something new about the game and learned how to adjust to situations.

4. I want my child to know that they will keep getting better each and every day.

5. I want them to still have love and passion for the game.

6. Even if my child thinks they didn't play so well; as long as they can explain why they feel that way and how they can improve for next time, I welcome it!

7. I hope that she developed a better relationship with someone, learned a joke or laughed about something with someone, that she helped someone feel better about themselves.

8. I always hope they don’t get hurt, they have fun, and that they win!

9. I want my child to always strive to do better, and at the same time know that they are already “enough”, no matter what.

10. I want my child to have fun, do their best, and learn something new.

What do you want your child to gain from each game? Everyone wants to win, but what intangibles do you want your young athlete to take away and be able to build upon?

 .Janis B. Meredith is a parenting coach. She provides resources to help parents raise champions. Learn more about how she can help parents Raise Champions.

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