[PODCAST] Andy Ryland and Keith Grabowski talk about teams finding confidence

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 9/4/2018


Deliberate Practice with co-host Andy Ryland is a weekly podcast which will run throughout the season. Activity does not always equal achievement. Deliberate Practice is focused on a specific topic for the week and an explanation of how to drill the different aspects of those skills and schemes. Included in each week’s conversation are specific drills/practice considerations for offense, defense, and special teams. 


Heading into this week of the season, the focus is on confidence.  This is a time where a team is starting to settle in and gain confidence in what they do on the field. However, it could also be a time where a team needs to find some confidence. The show focuses on strategies to help players find confidence on offense, defense, or special teams.


01:33   Focus on the quarterback

01:45   Half side drill

02:32   Keys to the set-up to build confidence

00:32   The quarterback must do all of his progression work

04:15   How to build in cues for the part of progression not being run

04:50   Application of ideas to one on one

05:11   Giving the QB control of the calls in the drill to gain understanding of his confidence

06:13   Helping as the coach and set-up of the drill and variations

06:56   Keep the pressure on the timing

07:32   Learning about the QB’s development by what he calls

08:13   Coach understanding vs. player understanding

08:41   Confidence level of players in each other

09:00   Andrew Coverdale’s “Like it/Love it” list

10:04   Tom Brady and Peyton Manning

10:45   Extending quarterback input into the team script in practice

11:28   "What were you thinking?”

11:45   Chemistry through player and the QB developed in practice


12:23   Building confidence in the safeties and communication

12:45   Adding a competition element

13:19   Let the safety be the quarterback of the defense

14:21   Quarters coverage checks example

15:22   Feeling good about checks and using others as a change-up

16:04   Make sure you allow for debrief between groups

17:25   What did you see? What did that mean to you?

18:41   Making calls that supports the players

19:03   The debrief period/feedback

19:30   Using tempo with planned breaks that simulate the pace of the game

Special Teams

20:30   Developing the punt returner’s confidence in order to win hidden yardage

21:00   Limitations of the tradition

22:17   The pressure catch drill

23:27   The drill set-up and variations to give a game-like feel


26:06   Building confidence at every position

26:58   The importance of the debrief

27:20   Play to your players strength

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