[PODCAST] Brian Kight and Keith Grabowski talk about self-awareness and entitlement

By USA Football | Posted 9/13/2018


On this episode of the Leader Journey edition on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski and co-host Brian Kight look at the importance of self-awareness and entitlement. Having a consistent sense of self-awareness is what enlightens a coach and allows him/her to be more effective. Keith and Brian both observe the culture of coaches and describe how self-awareness can fix some of the issues coaches face. They give different ideas of what kind of self-awareness is necessary and ways to incorporate those in-season and out of season.

Show Notes

00:46 Chuck Kyle Quote

02:10 2 ways to look at self-awareness

02:55 Defining self-awareness

04:25 Being the coach you have been, instead of the coach you want to be

06:12 Keith observing coach culture

10:00 Film a coach’s self-awareness tool

11:45 Being self-aware in-season

13:20 Make time for self-awareness

14:25 How it works

16:45 Brian’s Observation

17:46 Put your own self-awareness tools in place

18:32 Making micro changes

19:30 Being reflective

22:41 Don’t underestimate the power of 1

23:13 Coaches struggles

24:25 Integrate one behavior

25:55 Self-awareness is a tool

29:00 “I’m always trying to get better”

31:15 Real deep self-awareness

32:06 The entitlement of adult professional

33:00 Open yourself up to time and people

34:00 Put weight room expectation on self- awareness

35:40 Focus 3

36:45 National Conference information

38:50 Daily Discipline


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