[PODCAST] Miami Dolphins strength and conditioning coach Jim Arthur talks about monitoring players' bodies

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 9/17/2018


In week 4 of The Game Plan series on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, the coaches point out the importance of the strength and conditioning of the athletes. On this episode, the Miami Dolphins assistant strength and conditioning coach Jim Arthur joined the coaches to help expand our knowledge of strength and conditioning for athletes. They dive into the importance of work load and maintenance for the players’ bodies and that they should be monitored and controlled. Keith points out how the strength and condition of an everyday person looks different in some ways in comparison to an athlete. They discuss resources that may be available to find relevant content for coaches to take the best care of the athletes.

Show Notes

01:46 Jim Arthur intro

02:35 Different body types

04:25 Coaches wearing multiple hats

07:20 Jim Arthur bio

09:00 Work load for the athletes

11:35 Conditioning differences

13:13 Regulate the load

14:00 Fueling the athletes

15:10 Carbohydrate issue

18:00 Strength for high school

20:10 Balance of strength

25:00 Knowing the issue

27:20 Who wears the strength and conditioning hat?

29:00 Resources

30:30 Reviewed content

33:25 Charting the injuries

34:40 Accumulate the information

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