[PODCAST] AC Reynolds (North Carolina) High School quarterback coach talks about training fundamentals in-season

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 9/4/2018

 AC Reynolds (North Carolina) High School quarterback coach Josh Shoop in his former position of offensive coordinator at Purdue University. 

Photo via purdueexponent.org

Guest host Charlie Coiner joins Keith Grabowski this season for “The Game Plan” series.  Coiner is a retired coach and the founder of First Down Playbook. Coiner has worked as an assistant coach in the NFL with the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills and at the college level with several teams, most notably, Vanderbilt, LSU, Louisville, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Today's guest on The Game Plan series is John Shoop, who has coached at every level. Currently the quarterback coach at AC Reynolds (North Carolina) High School, Shoop spent the majority of his career in the NFL as a quarterback coach for the Panthers, and added offensive coordinator duties with the Bears, Buccaneers, and Raiders.  He then went on to be the offensive coordinator at the University of North Carolina and then Purdue University.

Show Notes

00:44   John Shoop bio

02:09   Change in the focal point of offense

02:47    Continue developing QB mechanics in season

04:20    The value of the QB coach

04:50    Constant feedback is necessary

05:17    Calibration and timing

06:14    Coaching “that guy” and protecting him in practice

07:09    Working with the second quarterback

08:31    Grading players on their proficiency of the playbook

09:37    Continuing to prepare for contingency plans

10:58    John Shoop joins the show

11:39    Challenge of honing the decision while improving mechanics

12:09    The best coaches think of an entire practice as an individual period

12:50    Always coach techniques

13:50    Working waist up and waist down

14:49    Two things upper: arm speed and a tight circle (Tom Brady, Dan Marino and Aaron Rodgers)

17:28    Lower body: wide base and throw with a small step

18:30    Harder to correct the upper body

19:51   Training the lower body

21:14    “The eye of the hurricane”

21:46    Coaching up fundamentals outside of individual

22:17    The value of 7 on 7 in QB development

24:33    Working with the youth league and 7 on 7 coaches

25:27    Offense today and how they stimulate enthusiasm

29:38    Number one goal in the NFL for a quarterback – start 16 games

30:35    Be intentional about durability

31:05    Dick Jauron – cumulative effects of hits

32:32    A play that can work at all three levels – “Razor”

36:59    The upper body – Peyton Manning

38:36    7 on 7 in practice tips to get a more game like feel

42:00    Getting more out of the drill for number two QB

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