[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski shares a page out his notebook on open field, 3rd down planning

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/9/2018


This week in Coach Grabowski’s notebook, Keith lets us into his idea of effectively managing 3rd down, and highlighting downs and distances with different plays available to cater to those situations. He talks about the importance of working these situations into the practice week, and even resources his personal call sheet that he utilized on 3rd downs.

Show Notes

01:15 Game plan in sections

01:35 3rd-and-long or extra long

03:15 3rd-and-medium

03:50 Maintain timing

04:07 Stick route example

06:25 3rd-and-short

07:08 Have an idea of what the defense is doing

07:20 Breaking sections into playlist

09:27 Game plan in practice

10:00 3rd-and-extra long

10:55 Work in practice 2 & 3

11:26 3rd-and-long

12:10 Watch flow and continuum

12:50 3rd-and-medium

13:13 Looking for opportunities

13:50 3rd-and-short

14:45 Work in team period in practice 2 & 3

15:35 Keith’s mindset going into gameday

16:16 1st practice work base, quick game and play action.

16:43 2nd practice red zone, goal line and 3rd down.

17:20 Bring the chains out for situational practice

17:40 3rd practice simulate drives

18:30 Work a section of 1st

19:15 Want to carry over the best stuff

19:30 Coaches to thank

20:25 Keith’s call sheet

3rd down call sheet

20:40 National Conference

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