[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Denver sport coaching professors discuss how to become an effective coach

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/11/2018


This week in the Smart Coaching series, co-hosts Keith, Dr. Gearity and Dr. Kuklick follow up last week’s show about the athlete’s perception of effective coaching to the coaches directly. Common knowledge would tell coaches to focus on the technical and tactical things, but the job demands so much more. Keith asks for ways to help coaches develop in being more effective, and the doctors provide insight from the research. The doctors harp that coaches should study themselves while also getting insight from various sources to help them be more effective.

Show Notes

02:15 Keith’s observation of coaches

04:00 Keys to effective coaching

04:50 Looking at knowledge areas

07:55 Abusive coaching

08:30 Think about the athlete

10:00 Media representation of coaches

11:25 Integrating knowledge and character traits

12:12 Mentoring relationships

14:00 Keith’s different coaching example

16:00 Finding the coaching relationships

17:45 Understanding why?

19:30 Coach each other up

20:20 Being open-minded

21:30 How can coaches develop the staff?

25:15 Diversity in the organization

26:30 Different lenses in reflection

28:50 Film as a resource

30:30 Strategies to overcome barriers

33:40 Eclectic approach to coaching

35:45 Final thoughts


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