[PODCAST] Keith and sport coaching professors talk about ways coaches can manage stress

By USA Football | Posted 9/24/2018


Keith and University of Denver sport coaching professors, Dr. Brian Gearity and Dr. Clayton Kuklick, talk about coach stress, something that may go overlooked in sports. The trio shares personal battles they have had in their careers dealing with stress. They cover the many different factors that boost stress in most coaches. They also look at some tangible ways to deal with stress and manage a balance.

Show Notes

01:05 Keith reflects

02:30 What are stressors

05:30 Strategies

06:00 Look at causes

07:10 Changing the environment

08:00 Too many expectations

09:30 Having a network

10:00 Normalizing the stress

10:44 Dr. Kuklick’s experience

12:19 Making it fun

17:20 Looking at the literature

19:00 Applying the strategies

20:13 Managing the stressful situations

20:10 Avoid and reappraisal

22:21 Time and a place

25:30 Using the most efficient tools

27:40 Don’t use the tools to overwork

30:00 Stop guarding the desk


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