[PODCAST] Sport coaching professors Gearity and Kuklick talk about strength and conditioning

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 9/10/2018

The Smart Coaching Series on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast is designed to help coaches improve over the course of the season in the areas outside of the X&O’s. Coaches need to be able to take care of people and this podcast will give pause for reflection, as well as generate ideas for the coach to be smart about how he improves his players and team.

This episode of the podcast takes a deeper look into strength and conditioning, especially during the season. It also examines different styles of training that can work in season and the importance of monitoring the workload incorporated throughout the year. Gearity and Kuklick express having a plan to follow helps optimize the most of those opportunities to stay safe and healthy.

Show Notes

01:30 Strength and condition for the football player in and out of season

01:50 Different styles for different position

02:12 Offseason per position

03:15 Setting goals and maintaining offseason to in season

04:05 Types of need analysis

05:40 Periodization and technique

08:30 Workouts in relation to gameday

11:00 Working with the discomfort

12:25 Monitoring load training

14:00 Workouts in correlation with practice

14:30 Exercise technique

16:20 Creative work within practice

18:20 Stimulus responses

19:05 Gameday lifts

23:10 Late season workload

26:00 Have a plan set

27:15 Performance measures

28:15 Tips and recommendations


Dr. Brian Gearity and Dr. Clayton Kuklick, professors of sport coaching at the University of Denver. Dr. Gearity has been the director of the Master of Arts in Sport Coaching program at Denver since 2014. Before teaching at Denver, Dr. Gearity spent five years at the University of Southern Mississippi as an assistant professor of Sport Coaching Education.  As a coach, Dr. Gearity’s specialty is in the strength and conditioning side. Dr. Gearity worked as a strength coach at the University of Tennessee for nine years and received his PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Tennessee in 2009.


Dr. Kuklick works as a clinical assistant professor for the Sport Coaching program at Denver. The previous two years, Dr. Kuklick has worked as an assistant professor of Athletic Coaching Education at West Virginia University. He also previously received his PhD in Human Performance and Recreation: Administration and Teaching at the University of Southern Mississippi in 2014. In coaching, Dr. Kuklick has worked as an assistant coach for baseball teams at Shepherd University, Georgia College and State University, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and Kutztown University. Dr. Kuklick has also worked as a head coach for several college baseball summer leagues.


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