[PODCAST] Oklahoma rival high school coaches talk about annual Backyard Bowl

By USA Football | Posted 9/6/2018

 Oklahoma's Jenks High School and Union High School in the 2016 Backyard Bowl.

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Host Keith Grabowski features head coaches Keith Riggs of Jenks High School, and Kirk Fridrich of Union High School in the “Crosstown” series. These coaches compete in Oklahoma’s most treasured high school football rivalry known as the Backyard Bowl Jenks vs. Union, a rivalry started in 1977. Each team has won the 6A state championship, Oklahoma’s largest division, multiple times since 1996. Of the 21 championship wins, Jenks has 13 and Union has eight. The game is annually played at University of Tulsa’s Skelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium. Jenks will have new head coach and longtime assistant, Keith Riggs after former head coach, Allan Trimble was diagnosed with ALS. Trimble had been the coach since 1995.


Show Notes

00:20 Crosstown series intro

00:32 Rivalry history

01:50 Coach Keith Riggs joins the show

02:30 Keith’s head coach perspective

03:17 View of the game

04:36 Directing the kids focus

05:32 Community involvement

06:30 Coaching focus

07:30 Making adjustments

08:30 Message to the team

09:20 Stand out moments

10:15 Dealing with the emotion

11:22 Dealing with let down

12:32 Advice for rivalries

13:30 Coach Kirk Fridrich intro

14:20 Community interaction

16:10 Controlling the hype

17:40 Coach responsibility

18:53 Specialty of the Backyard Bowl

19:50 Memorable turning point plays

21:40 Keys to winning big games

22:45 Keeping players balanced

24:00 Mutual respect

25:50 Bouncing back next week

27:10 Winning edge

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