[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski shares a page out of his notebook on how to execute opening series

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/12/2018

We go back into Keith’s notebook to look at how he establishes an opening sequence. He refers to some ideas he got from Bill Walsh’s article about game planning. Keith explained what worked well for him while coaching in the college and high school level while providing those examples.

Show Notes

00:30 Bill Walsh and Brian Billick influence

01:45 You can plan before gameday

02:20 Establish formations

02:45 Establish base offense

03:33 Establishing sequence

04:30 Using wristbands

05:05 Ian Shoemaker’s influence

06:40 Keith’s opener examples



07:15 Using technology for game planning

09:00 What Keith was looking for

11:20 Getting buy in from coaches

13:20 National Conference

22:00 Football Development

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