[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Andy Ryland discuss ways to sharpen players' skill set in late season practices

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/17/2018


On today’s episode of deliberate practice, Keith Grabowski and Andy Ryland continue to build on the ideas of juice and momentum by talking about sharpening the sword. It is late in the season and most coaches in the country are dialing back and saving the players’ legs. But coaches still want those quality reps and for players to get something out of these practices, whether it’s for playoff preparation or confidence going into the next season.

Show Notes

00:20 National Conference

01:40 Juice and momentum

06:00 Social feedback

06:23 Sharpen the sword

08:22 Finding the indicators on defense

09:41 Keith’s coaching example

11:00 Indicator helps everybody

11:25 Working it into practice

12:00 Fitting it into drills

14:55 Reps gained

15:42 Keith’s example video

16:13 Taking it to defense

16:22 Inside run

17:00 Working with a slot

18:50 Bringing in safeties

22:00 Art Kaufman’s practice idea

24:30 Keith’s inside example

26:06 Looking at special teams

26:28 Looking at levels

26:50 Keith’s kickoff example

28:00 Andy’s practice example

31:00 USA Football blog

31:52 Twitter:


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