[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Denver sport coaching professors discuss coach communication strategies

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/29/2018

This week in the Smart Coaching series, Keith and the doctors talk about communication. They talk about the different communication strategies coaches can use when making a playoff push, closing the season and preparing for next season. They discuss how to talk to those players whose career may continue in your program, those moving on and those preparing to end their careers.

Show Notes

02:00 The different ends of the spectrum

02:40 Framing communication in competition

04:10 Communicating when your seasons is over

05:20 Effective communication strategies

06:15 Multiple forms of communication

06:40 Aligning the messages

07:11 Going back to the environment

08:20 How things can get out of alignment

09:10 The coaches that maintain

10:35 Keith’s perspective

11:35 How do you bring the seniors to the finish line?

12:30 Listen

13:12 Relating the seniors’ finish line to your philosophy

13:50 Transitions

14:50 Senior Night and rituals

16:25 Linking the people

18:00 More than lip service

19:30 Look at the possible negative

20:40 Looking at the playoff teams

21:00 Communicating with the JV teams

22:05 What about the role change?

24:10 Communicate the competition

25:40 Coaches going into next season

26:30 The consistency of the coach matters

27:40 Dr. Gearity’s example

29:00 Don’t try to flip a switch

31:40 Be authentic


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