[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Denver sport coaching professors discuss the application of praxis in coaching

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/2/2018

This week in the Smart Coaching series, Keith Grabowski, Dr. Gearity and Dr. Kuklick discuss praxis. This part of the season teams start to put up the pads and start to reflect. The doctors define praxis as mixing the technical and tactical with the theoretic in sport. After getting a basic understanding, they explain how this can help in the reflection for coaches and problem solving going forward. They harp at the need to do research in an array of sources to gain knowledge and understanding through integration.

Show Notes:

01:45 Praxis

03:15 Bridging the gap between technical, tactical and theoretical

04:10 Helpful understanding the science

06:15 Problem solving

06:45 Using theories to problem solve

07:35 Dr. Gearity’s physical science example

10:20 Keith reflects application at BWU

12:20 Keith’s personal study

14:05 Identifying problems

16:50 Learning theory

20:00 Socialized expectation

21:05 Typical problems for coaches in reflections

21:30 The coaching changes

23:40 Understanding how people deal with change

24:55 Problem setting

25:50 Getting different perspectives

29:30 Consider effects on decisions

31:05 Variety in learning

32:25 Informed decisions

33:00 Critique of research

34:40 Collaboration through knowledge sources

35:45 Media information

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