[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski talks with state champion head coach David DeVaughn about successful Wing T offense, coaching philosophy

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/6/2018

Today’s guest on the Coach and Coordinator podcast is David DeVaughn, head coach at Eielson High School in Alaska. DeVaughn won his school’s Division III state championship, giving them six state titles. DeVaughn was a former player at Eielson High School and took the head coaching job at 25 years old and is now 128-48 overall in 19 seasons.

On today’s show, DeVaughn and Keith Grabowski talk about his philosophy of coaching, running the Wing T offense and what he believes has brought him success.

Show Notes:

00:20 National Conference

01:10 Coach David DeVaughn bio

01:45 DeVaughn’s start in coaching

02:55 The importance of being a role model

03:30 How DeVaughn chooses coaching staff

05:20 Helping coaches balance role model and friendship

06:20 How the coaches develop technically and tactically

07:27 Who made an impact on DeVaughn’s coaching philosophy?

09:05 Keeping it simple

10:40 Mistakes as a young coach, what was learned?

11:55 Dynamic of coaching staff

12:53 Building culture as a team

14:55 Preparing his team leaders

17:50 How DeVaughn gets the team to buy in on leadership

19:20 Handling the up and downs in buy in

20:50 Consistency in assistant coaches

21:50 Philosophy on offense

23:10 Influences in Wing T offense

25:00 Creating advantages

27:50 What intrigues DeVaughn on offense?

28:35 RPO from compressed formation

29:30 Incorporating the pistol

30:50 Running the trap

35:40 Eye candy helping in success of the play

36:48 Keeping it simple for the linemen

37:55 Running trap in spread

39:25 Advice for young coaches

41:05 Making personal time

44:05 Connect with coach:


Email: David.deVaughn@k12northstar.org


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