[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Andy Ryland discuss prescriptive practices for playoffs teams with Richie Gray

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/12/2018

This week in the Deliberate Practice series, Keith Grabowski and Andy Ryland get Coach Richie Gray on the podcast to talk about practice prescription. The coaches discuss innovation in practices for the playoff teams in the country as well as ideas to implement next season. They break down the concept of drills and culture from coaches to players.

Show Notes:

03:10 The need to be specific

03:55 Special teams coverage units

04:20 Error: technical, tactical or decision making

06:15 Being prescriptive

08:55 You want to know the opposition

09:12 Drills that relate to play

10:24 Marginal gains

11:00 Improving within the skill

11:20 5 fights of tackle

12:50 Performance and culture

13:25 Players must understand why

14:55 Command and control coaching

15:35 Is what you’re coaching being replicated?

15:52 Replacing the idea of drill

16:40 Coach Gray’s drill reflection

18:15 The whole building must come together

19:30 Communicating the “why” of the drill

20:00 Lowest effective dose

20:25 Technical correction, development and reinforcement

21:35 Keith’s social example

22:15 Drills are not done in isolation

22:40 Does the “why” of your dill fit your system or player

24:12 Working with the offensive line

25:05 Time for players to work on their own

26:20 Decreasing load

27:25 Players enjoying prescription

28:05 Why do you coach?

28:44 Seeing the player take ownership of development

29:35 What are you building into your culture?

30:20 Learning and performance tied together

31:00 Different type of players

32:00 Feeding the culture

32:40 Defensive identity

33:05 Starts with individuals

36:10 National Conference

37:05 National Conference promo code


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