[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Andy Ryland share drills preparing for the big play

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/26/2018

In this week's episode of Deliberate Practice, hosts Keith Grabowski and Andy Ryland talk about the big play. The plays that break the game open and put it out of reach. Teams are at the point of the season where a big play could carry them closer to a championship or into the offseason. Keith and Andy share drills that are designed to help players react to a big play and break the standard drills coaches may use.

Show Notes

02:00 Team periods don’t replicate the game

02:30 Do your job first then be great

03:12 We train it into players

04:40 Find work drill


05:50 Touchdown alley

06:05 Drill set up

09:50 Medusa Rule in drill

10:20 Make sure timing is realistic

12:45 Let the players celebrate after the drill

13:10 Having real life skill

14:35 If we haven’t trained it, we can’t expect it

15:09 Rules to avoid penalty

17:00 Think about it as a coach

17:30 Fractured defense

18:15 Trackback tackle drill

Trackback IZ play

20:10 Feel your partner

20:40 Refill and relink

21:10 Downhill filler

22:10 Quick slant trackback

Trackback slant

23:10 Find your fit

25:45 Train what does happens

28:10 Blocked punt & place kick

ST pod

29:00 Leon Lett rule

32:00 National Conference

33:10 National Conference promo code


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