[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski takes a page from his notebook about end of season passing game analytics

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/26/2018

Show Notes:

Past season analysis must go beyond the typical statistics to be effective. In this podcast, Coach Grabowski talks about using multiple data points and details on every play. Analyzing specific factors on a passing concept can help replicate or improve the success of a passing concept in the next season, as well as anticipate what the defense may do to adjust it. Looking at the completion rate or yards per attempt may not tell the whole story. A few adjustments may make that concept more effective. The point is, quality control work must be done to get the whole picture and this podcast shares those details.

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02:17 Advantage of charting key data

03:25 Know the opponent to help identify adjustments

06:05 Understanding how protection affects a concept

07:33 Determining the success of the concept as it is affected by route spacing

08:43 Understanding how route depth and receiver break technique affects the concept

10:55 Utilizing quarterback timing in creating a successful progression

12:40 Grading quarterback accuracy

WR catch radius

12:54 Accuracy reflects correct mechanics

14:00 Routes thrown in each concept and what it shows about ball distribution

15:00 Hudl and excel to chart analysis

Excel chart analysis

16:35 Calibrate throws

17:35 Blogs.usafootball.com


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17:50 National Conference information


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