[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, coach Jay Stolfi discuss why kids don't play football anymore

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/29/2018

This week in the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith Grabowski discusses the topic of why kids don’t play football anymore. He has guest coach Jay Stolfi to discuss this as he presented this idea in his article. The coaches look at what has been the problem and also solutions from observation and personal experiences.

Show Notes:

01:20 Jay Stolfi’s background

03:05 A solvable problem but a self-inflicted problem

04:30 Kids not being put in the best situation to succeed

05:30 Coach Stolfi’s observation & examples of kids not in a successful situation

07:35 Putting players in a position of success & providing a positive experience

09:05 Be realistic

09:40 Adapting to change

11:15 Being aware of the kids’ experience

12:02 Keith’s personal football experience

13:20 Things the game teaches

15:23 Bridging the gap

15:55 What a program should offer kids

17:26 Think in terms of progression

20:00 Lack of qualified coaches

20:15 Coach Stolfi’s example of unqualified coaching in a new program

23:25 Be good at something

24:00 Working with fundamentals and scenarios

25:37 Copy & paste mentality

26:20 Time

28:38 Reframing practice

29:45 Show kids how to practice

30:40 It’s about development

32:35 How to get the message out there

33:00 Heads up football

33:45 Spend time yourself

34:45 Rethink & coach up your coaches

35:55 Take advantage of the technology

39:15 Coach Stolfi’s Double Gun system

39:45 Using achievable things

40:20 Run a system that’s good for your entire program

41:15 You can progress through building fundamentals while creating your system

42:16 When you change your system, everyone becomes a freshman

43:55 Coach Stolfi’s final thoughts

44:12 Dedicated coaches

44:35 Be realistic

45:10 Contact Coach Stolfi



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