[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski talks with Milo Austin about what it takes to be a good assistant coach

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/3/2018

This week in the Coach and Coordinator podcast series, Keith Grabowski talks with Morehead State assistant coach Milo Austin. Austin was selected as the AFCA Assistant Coach of the Year. The coaches discuss Austin’s journey, his success, his favorite concept and what it takes to be a good assistant coach.

Austin began his collegiate playing career as a cornerback at Division III Salisbury, where he was named Atlantic Central Football Conference Freshman of the Year in 2001. He was also the Eastern College Athletic Conference Eastern Region Freshman of the Year. He finished his career at West Virginia, where he was a wide receiver on the 2004 Big East Conference Championship team.

Show Notes:

00:40 National Conference

02:08 Coach Austin’s start and journey

05:12 What keeps Austin coaching?

06:18 The most important lessons about coaching

07:55 Qualities that got Coach Austin nominated for ACOY

09:17 Coach Austin’s go-to resource to share with players

10:32 Importance of giving back to the community

11:43 Coach Austin’s favorite concept: Post Wheel Shake

15:00 The Post

17:00 The Wheel

19:25 The Shake

21:42 The RB trail route

23:50 What is the QB looking at in this concept?

25:37 Having balance in coaching

27:05 Advice for young coaches

28:18 Winning edge

29:10 Contact Coach Austin:



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