[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski talks high-powered offense with Stan Hodgin, OC at Shenandoah

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/6/2018

This week in the College Leaders series, Stan Hodgin, Shenandoah offensive coordinator joins us to discuss his passing offense. Shenandoah finished the season first in Division III passing offense with 3,865 yards passing. They discuss his journey as a coach, what makes this offense successful, what’s important in coaching and his favorite concept. 

Show Notes:

:00 National Conference

02:45 Coach Hodgin’s journey

03:56 It’s a relationship-based business

04:40 Hodgin’s young coaching mistake

06:10 Developing over time

07:30 Fitting scheme into identity

09:25 Building the offensive system

12:40 Describing Hodgin’s offense

13:10 Who Hodgin studied

14:35 What is Hodgin’s offensive identity?

15:24 How Hodgin presents the concepts to the team

16:10 Hodgin’s 4 verts install example

17:07 4 verts adjustment

18:35 Hodgin’s H-Cross concept

20:35 What inspired Hodgin’s tweak of the cross concept?

22:35 Looking for matchups

23:30 Coaching stemming routes to win

24:55 Be simpler than the year before

26:00 Working all coverage beaters in practice

27:05 Working with practice time

28:40 Line of scrimmage adjustments

30:00 How to be effective in the classroom

31:30 Best things done in practice

33:25 Practicing screens

34:45 Splitting up practice time

36:08 What goes into the run game?

37:15 Working in RPO

38:45 Explosive run game

40:35 Working empty

41:40 Hodgin’s offensive culture

43:10 Winning edge

44:00 Contact Coach Hodgin:


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